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Ilike organic skin care Rosehip & Maize Exfoliating Masque
Our exfoliating and clarifying masque from ilike organic skin care is full of vitamins and trace elements. The Lactic Acid content loosens dead cells and encourages new cell growth while rosehip revitalizes balances and protects. The masque is blended with light herbal oils nourish the skin. By using it twice a week it even decreases inflammation of oily teenage skin. Use it on your face or your body.

Ilike organic skin care Rolling Face & Body Exfoliator
This stimulating exfoliator contains medicinal Hungarian thermal spring water, soy lecithin, sweet almond and cherry pepper content, making even very rough skin silky and smooth. With the circulation-stimulating organic herbal ingredients and rubbing movements a healthy skin exfoliation can be achieved. Apply for 10-15 minutes then vigorously rub off with your hands or a dry wash cloth. Your skin becomes tight and elastic and will easily absorb the beneficial ingredients of skin care products to follow.

Exfoliation Treatments

Shankara Microcrystal Exfoliation Treatment
36% Ultra-fine magnesium oxide crystals are blended in a nourishing base of 56% pure algae-aloe gel to give professional quality results from a dermal exfoliation self-treatment. An immediate appearance of refined radiance and feeling of more youthful skin is the result. Skin tone evens out and discolorations fade. Diatomaceous earth and Ayurvedic herbs help to purify new skin as old cells are removed. The ultra-fine crystals do not damage tissues or remove the skin's natural acid mantle. The anti-inflammatory algae-aloe gel base soothes new skin as it leaves a hydrating film of protection after rinsing.

Paraben free body exfoliators

La Natura SeaWater Therapy Body Contour Scrub
A non-oily exfoliating scrub that gently restores skin to its healthiest appearance. This unique blend of marine plant extracts refines the epidermis while removing cellular debris leaving skin soft and renewed. The packaging is perfect for travel.

100% Pure Sea Therapy Body Scrubs
Simply fabulous these exquisitely pure and organic ingredients of unrefined French Sea Salt, organic grapeseed oil, organic rosehip oil, organic kelp and extracts of organic essential oils refresh and invigorate. Two delicious choices: minty Eucalyptus Body Scrub and Lavender Body Scrub. Your skin will radiate.

Organic Exfoliators



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