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P S Y C H - K

True personal transformation occurs simultaneously with a change in perspective. New perceptions, conscious or subconscious, generate changes that flow naturally. We know this from experience - Think of a time when something occurred in your life that changed your understanding or beliefs — the resulting life changes were automatic and natural.

Forced behavioral modifications to induce change rarely work — remember your New Year's resolutions?

Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton contends that altering our subconscious beliefs will activate changes in the cell membrane, and thus change our health and reality.


Wow, welcome to our quantum world. Is this why placebos work?

PSYCH-K is a modality for quickly moving from self-limiting to self-enhancing perceptions. It is ideal for anyone interested in reducing stress, improving performance, enhancing relationships, and accomplishing personal and professional goals.

60 minute session   $100
90 minute session   $150

Learn more about the science of change... Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

For individual PSYCH-K appointments call our concierge at 858.456.8797.

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